The Duo

Tom Rosencrans and I have been doing a duo consisting of guitar/banjo and harmonica with vocals for quite some time. We’ve recorded on album called “Sit Back, Relax” and play a whole lot of shows. We do piedmont and delta style blues as well as some Appalachian and Old Tyme standards. Sometimes Pete Netznik and I also do a duo which is a more stripped down version of the trio with no drums.

About Tom

Tom began playing guitar in Montoursville back in the early sixties when his mom had her old Supertone Hawaiian guitar modified. Not much of an instrument, but it was a start. In college he was introduced to the music of Doc Watson, who had recorded several Mississippi John Hurt tunes. That was the beginning of a serious fascination with learning to play and sing Piedmont and Delta Blues.

Influences include: Mississippi John Hurt, Sam McGee, Robert Johnson, Etta Baker, John Jackson, John Cephas, Memphis Minnie, Rich DelGrosso, Tampa Red, Fred McDowell, Blind Willie Johnson and on and on.

His beautiful wife, Jina, joins him to perform traditional Appalachian, and early country tunes. Besides playing acoustic blues and slide guitar, Tom is also an award winning clawhammer banjo player.

Walking Blues
  1. 1. Walking Blues
  2. 2. Ruben’s Train
  3. 3. Everything’ll Be Alright

Tom & Nate Promo



Trio Photo Sign

The TrioTrio Photo

A little something different. Guitar, drums and harmonica.

We try to do those tunes we’ve always wanted to do some blues, some country and some originals.

Chad Salvaggio on drums and vocals

Pete Netznik on guitar

Nate Myers on harmonica and vocals

It’s My Music
  1. 1. It’s My Music
  2. 2. Chuck Taylor
Rainin’ // It's My Music
  1. Rainin’ // It's My Music
  2. Marked Man // It's My Music
  3. Dip Dip Wadda Dip // It's My Music
  4. X // It's My Music
  5. Sweet Romance // It's My Music
  6. Waltz For I // It's My Music
  7. It’s My Music // It's My Music
  8. You Know // It's My Music
  9. Her Hand My Hand // It's My Music